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TUCSON CITIZEN The View From Baja Arizona

TUCSON EXAMINER Tucson Independent Examiner

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Editorial Commentaries:

Report argues Tucsonans value scenery more than their paychecks Inside Tucson Busines  September 19, 2010

Rosemont mine fight is all about ranting and not about problem solving Inside Tucson Business September 3, 2010

In business parlance, Tucson means 'can't do' Inside Tucson Busines August 6, 2010

Turning the Arizona-Mexico border into a tourist attraction Inside Tucson Business August 13, 2010

Guest Commentary: FICO’s Santa Cruz plan deserves scrutiny  Green Valley News July 25, 2010

Environmentalists' tact: Do what you want, just not on my planet  Inside Tucson Business July 26, 2010

10 points that need to be included in immigration reform  Inside Tucson Business July 9, 2010

Step-by-step instruction on how to fail at business  Inside Tucson Business June 18, 2010

How do you make $8,500 a year more income? Move to Phoenix Inside Tucson's Business February 27, 2010

Let's get serious about reforming Arizona property taxes Inside Tucson Business
Published on Saturday, January 23, 2010

Let's get facts straight on water and Rosemont Copper  Inside Tucson Business Published on Thursday, January 14, 2010

Get the facts straight on water Green Valley News  November 1, 2009

Want some say in how Tucson Water is run? Then come inside city limits Inside Tucson's Business January 30, 2009.

It’s about time Tucson Water got tough on connection fees and rates  Inside Tucson's Business January 23, 2009.

Tucson Weekly -- It's time to consider splitting Arizona into two

Arizona Daily Star -- As Santa Cruz becomes 'navigable,' the river's iconic sand trout at risk.


Border ranch attacked by drug cartel

Life on the border -- the residents of Nogales, Rio Rico and Tubac

Life on the border --- the ranchers

Life on the border -- Entering the US illegally

More horses needed to secure the border - Commentary

We need immigration law reform — Opinion

Humorous look at how to spot an illegal alien

How do you spot an illegal alien?

Klan types ride again … only on electron beams

SB 1070 lawsuits could bankrupt local governments

Arpaio takes 50 caliber machine gun out into desert hunting cartel smugglers

Is it safe to visit Southern Arizona ?

GOP alienating Hispanics

Guide to Border Patrol Checkpoints

Are there human rights for people who cross the border illegally?

>Who will stand up against the racism in Arizona?

Support or opposition to SB 1070 in Arizona depends on who you are

SB 1070 may be iced by feds

Arizona Republic Poll: Most Arizonans would let immigrants stay in U.S

What’s going on in Mexico?

Poll results show politicians the way on border issues…if they’ll listen

Background on why SB 1070 even exists

Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard makes big dent in illegal smuggling activities

Has the federal government abandoned land to the Mexican drug cartels?

Abolish the Border Patrol and replace it with a new Border Security Agency

524 National Guard troops to be deployed at the Arizona border

Lettuce shortage this winter caused by SB 1070?

Kill SB 1070 by vigorously enforcing it

More blame to share on illegal immigration

Who is at fault for illegal immigration?

How would you deport 11 million illegal aliens?

Securing the border and immigration law reform

What is your definition of a “secure border”?

Would you allow illegal immigrants to remain in the United States if…

Feds’ suit raises stakes for Arizona’s immigration law

Feds sue Arizona on SB 1070

US sues Arizona over SB 1070 — Justice Department Press Release

Full text of Complaint filed against Arizona on SB 1070 by US

US Brief in support of injunction against SB 1070

Statement of Santa Cruz County Sheriff in support of suit against SB 1070

Statement of Tucson Police Chief in support of suit against SB 1070

Humorous tips for living in or visiting Arizona when SB 1070 takes effect

What if a state said “welcome” to immigrants?

The immigration debate — it never ends

Recipe for making an American

Our diversity is our greatest strength

19 business groups support immigration law reform

Gun decision could doom SB 1070

What’s wrong with SB 1070

Should the Arizona state legislature ban Mariachi music on the radio?

Deport Governor Brewer

Arizona saved from pinata attack

Boycott Mexican drugs

Pinal County Sheriff: Mexican drug cartels now control parts of Arizona

What does “no amnesty” really mean?

Secure the border or immigration law reform first?

Send in the US Cavalry

SB 1070 does nothing to stop drug cartel gunmen

There really are Black Helicopters

When will they come for you?

Can you qualify to be a US citizen?

A day without a Mexican

Public support for SB 1070 drops


New way to promote border tourism Nogales International March 3, 2010

EVERY COMMUNITY NEEDS A VARONA  Nogales International  February 16, 2010

SCC Must get construction work  Nogales International Febryary 2, 2010

Time to end property taxes Nogales International, January 19, 2010

Legislators steal from state parks Nogales International January 5, 2010

Modern stuff complicates life for Santa Nogales International December 22, 2009

Planning and building codes are racist Nogales International December 15, 2009

Blue tarp people  Nogales International Dec 8, 2009

Add these items for rural living in Santa Cruz County Nogales International  November 19, 2009

Open range laws unfair to cows Nogales International November 5, 2009

City hall needs an exorcist Nogales International October, 20, 2009

Buzzards Back  Nogales International October 9, 2009

Discard bad ideas before sharing them Nogales International October 6, 2009

Interagency water panel is 29 years late in the making  Nogales International September 22, 2009 

Border Patrol everywhere except at the U.S. border  Nogales International August 18, 2009

How U.S. provides taxi service for drug mules  Nogales International September 15, 2009 

It’s about time to expose Mexico’s killer ‘coyotes’ Nogales International September 1, 2009

Shenanigans should be of grave concern Nogales International  August 25, 2009

Why does Nogales lead in no growth Nogales International August 4, 2009

Let buyer beware with tax lien lots Nogales International July 21, 2009

Summer protests are nothing new Nogales International July 7, 2009

Thoughts about saving an endangered species--newspapers Nogales International June 16, 2009

Some delightful roadside distractions Nogales International June 2, 2009

Who can evaluate whom in city government? Nogales International May 19, 2009

Santa Cruz County Trash Talk is Garbage Nogales International May 5, 2009

US Census is checking but have no fear Nogales International April 21, 2009

Fantasyland of tax valuation Nogales International April 7, 2009

What are the mesquite trees telling us? Nogales International March 27, 2009

Tubac too quiet  Nogales International March 3, 2009

Nogales politics a tele novela  February 3, 2009

Creation of New County Nogales International January 20, 2009

Drug tunnel museum just might be a good source of revenue for the City of Nogales. Nogales International December30, 2008

Don't draw special attention at the check point Nogales International December 23, 2008

Will the Blue Tarp People Return? Nogales International December 8, 2008





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